Types of Franchisee

A. Master Franchisee:

  1. Any Company / Firm / Association can apply to become a Master Franchisee [Preference will be given to academic experienced person / existing Educational establishment]

  2. ‘Only one’ Master Franchisee will be licensed for one state.

  3. The individual applicant with sufficient business / professional experience.

  4. The main role of Master Franchisee is to setting up District and Unit Franchisee by making necessary publicity in the allotted state.

  5. Any Assistance Control H.Q’ Rules and Resignation.

(A separate proposal form is given for Master Franchisee aspirants)

B. District Franchisee:

  1. Any Company / Firm / Association can apply to become a District Franchisee [Preference will be given to academic experienced person / existing Educational establishment]

  2. One district franchisee is licensed for one or combined district.

  3. District Franchisee is able for one district.

  4. The role of District Franchisee is to conduct centralized / online exams for the students enrolled in Unit Franchisees.

  5. Conducting extra curricular activities, Seminars etc.

(A separate proposal form is given for Master Franchisee aspirants)

C. Unit Franchisee:

  1. Unit Franchisee is the front-end Training Center Licensed to conduct courses under Software and Hardware Section.

  2. Any Company / Firm / Association can apply to become a Unit Franchisee [Preference will be given to academic experienced person / existing Educational establishment]

  3. The Unit Franchisees are differentiated area wise as A. District Headquarters B. Urban area C. Rural.

  4. However there can be exceptions to these differentiations. The Regional Manager (RM) shall have the authority to define the actual category.

  5. The Applicant should have / arrange necessary financial resources to fulfill the infrastructure specified by Nicea.

Centre Application / Inspection Charge Rs. 999

Centre Affiliation Fees Rs.10000 (Ten thousand only) it will be Non refundable. All Category Franchisee Renewal Charge Yearly 1st April to 31 March.

  1. Category - (A) Rs. 10,00,000 (Ten Lakhs Only)

  2. Category - (B) Rs. 2,50,000 (Two Lakhs Fifty Thousand Only)

  3. Category - (C) Rs. 60,000 (Sixty Thousand Only)

All Payment DD in Fever f “National Institute of Computer E-learning Academy” / chaque / Cash draw and send bank received soft copy and hardcopy in head office.
E-Mail: info@niceaindia.org (Nobody will not take any Cash-in–hand)

National Institue of Computer E-Learning Academy

  1. UBI A/C: 0789050013387



NICEA Centre Requirement

Hardware requirement: At least 15 (Fifteen) PCs with the following minimum configuration.
An ideal Nicea training centre should be located in an area is easily accessible to the prospective students. Near railway stations, bus stand / stop, Shopping complex, school / college will make the training centre highly potentials. Hardware requirement: At least 15 (Fifteen) PCs with the following minimum configuration:

  1. Pentium IV or higher processor

  2. 512 MB or 1 GB RAM

  3. 80 or 160 GB Hard Disk Drive

  4. Color Monitor or LCD or LED

  5. CD-ROM Drive

Space requirement: The minimum space requirement is 600- 2500 sq feet
  1. Lab – 100 to 150 sq feet

  2. Theory room – 150 – 200 sq feet

  3. Reception cum counseling space – 50-150 sq feet

The Nicea Authorized education Centre will require a minimum of 600 Sq.ft. area. This area will be utilized for the following facilities:
  1. One dedicated lab provided for at least 15 (three) PCs. Having the arrangements for sitting 30 students at a time. (Machine : student = 1 : 2). One notice board inside the lab

  2. One dedicated theory classroom with desk and table for minimum 6 (six) students at a time. One white board and one table instructor inside the classroom

  3. Dedicated counseling areas separate from the theory classroom

  4. In addition to the above the following facilities should be available

  5. Library for the students

  6. One telephone connection with net connection

  7. One toilet

  8. Arrangement for fresh drinking water

  9. A waiting area for students and enquirers

The following documentation required for Agreement:

  1. 2 Copy Photo (Passport Size)

  2. Voter id / Pan Card / Driving license / Electric Bill Xerox (copy)

  3. Partnership Deed (If applicable)

  4. Trade License (If any)

  5. Company Stamp (if any)

  6. No objection letter from landlord (If applicable)
Authorization inform: Contact with Head Office Voice: 9434433225
E-Mail: info@niceaindia.org

Benefits are as follows:

The Nicea. Franchisee can enjoy all the benefits listed below for a successful business tie up: Our Associate Business Partner take 80% Plus benefits by Nicea.

  1. After signing the agreement the Franchisee will be able to use the strong brand name, which is universally accepted for good education.

  2. For every new franchisee, Nicea will provide the welcome kit at free of cost which are needed to start the training program.

  3. While introducing new courses, new schemes and during admission season Nicea publish Advertisements on leading news papers where the franchisee can be benefited directly from such Advertisement without any cost.

  4. On request of District Franchisee Nicea can publish Local Advertisement with share from franchisees and franchisee can save huge Advertisement cost.

  5. Nicea designs high quality publicity / Advertising materials for every courses time to time, its sample copies are dispatched to all franchisees. The franchisee can get them at very minimum cost by reducing total designing and printing costs.

  6. The Nicea organizes training program to the Franchisee Head on business concept for running a successful business. The Nicea lists the Franchisee name on the global website which is accepted to all over the world.

  7. Online examination is organized soon for external student registered in the franchisee.

  8. Nicea provides high quality study material for all courses offered by Nicea. Such study material are designed / developed by Team of IT experts. The franchisee can follow the course syllabus as in the courseware. The study material can be given to all Nicea students at free of cost by including the book cost in the course fees. All the books are with multicolor laminated cover of high quality and course curriculum of international standard.

  9. While introducing New courses Nicea arrange Training program to the Teachers of every Franchisees so that the franchisee can introduce the latest courses in their center without appointing a new teacher.

  10. The District Franchisee of Nicea will organize seminars on latest IT Techniques. The students of all unit Franchisee can participate such seminars at free of cost.
  11. After reaching target number of franchisees at state and national level. Nicea organizes State and National level I.T competitions. The Franchisees can send their students for such competition for winning state / national level awards.

  12. Nicea can provide guest faculty services to the franchisees on request.

  13. Nicea put all efforts to get tender for any Govt. implemented training schemes to train students selected under such schemes. These students are additional advantages to get extra revenue from the Govt. A separate M.O.U may signed if necessary for allotting students and the franchisee should meet all required infrastructures specified by’ the Government.

  14. After completing the training program Indian Nicea, West Bengal will award course / Diploma Certificate for successful candidates.

  15. All Nicea students are eligible for attending All India Level Board Exams for selected courses which is conducted by ITES Eng. and Vocational Exam Board (Regd) and for successful candidates certificate will be awarded by the same body.
Authorization inform: Contact with Head Office Voice: 9434433225
E-Mail: info@niceaindia.org


  1. What publicity support will get from Nicea?
    Ans. During the admission time or when the new course is introduced Nicea will do the state and national level of publicity through the leading newspapers as per the need. Nicea will give suggestions or ideas for the local publicity.

  2. Whether Nicea provide Faculty support?
    Ans. When introducing new courses Nicea arrange Training program to the Teachers of every Franchisees so that the franchisee can introduce the latest courses in their center without appointing a new trainer.

  3. Whether Nicea is a registered company?
    Ans. Yes it is. It has been registered under the 1956 companies act and Turst 1882 , Society Act.1960 , Under Trade Mark Regd act 1999.

  4. Can I change course fees of the courses offered by Nicea?
    Ans. Sure. To make it competitive you can change it at your location.

  5. What is the meaning of free courses? How we will get benefit by free courses? Whether Nicea pay the fees for us?
    Ans. It is free training courses. Exam fees will be collected for every paper from the students.

  6. How to conduct Exam procedure? Whether Nicea provide QP?
    Ans. District franchisee will be doing the centralized examinations. All the franchisee in that district will follow that. Nicea will not be providing the q.p.

  7. What is there in Start up kit? Whether it is compulsory?
    Ans. Start up kit contains materials which are needed initially to start the center like study material etc. and it is compulsory to take it.

  8. What is that master franchisee and district franchisee?
    Ans. Master franchisee is like a head franchisee for the particular state. There will be only one master franchisee for one state. But the district franchisee will be licensed to one or combined district.

  9. Why should I do the course through Nicea / How is it different from other institutes?
    Ans. The courses delivered at Nicea are current and industry relevant. Nicea has always endeavored to provide quality education through industry interface. Strength of CEI is its flexibility in adapting to the changing requirements in the industry. Nicea also provides placement assistance to career enrollment students.

  10. Is the Nicea course content fixed or flexible?
    Ans. At Nicea we believe in serving customers by fulfilling their specific needs and hence we have well defined courses that suit the requirements of various individuals. We have courses ranging from computer basics to Career Programs to Short terms courses. Depending on the profile and the learning objective our counselor will give suitable recommendations.

  11. Do you have good faculty?
    Ans. At Nicea quality delivery is our mantra and hence all faculties at the center needs to be Nicea Certified. The faculty recruitment norms are very stringent. Once recruited they undergo a training program that will enable them to deliver the course successfully.

  12. What is the lab facility we get here? You give job guarantee?
    Ans. We have well-equipped labs to handle the courses. Nicea has got an active placement cell and we give you 100% job assistance.

  13. What type of companies your students are placed in?
    Ans. The placements are based on the courses undertaken and prior qualifications; some of the companies that have accepted Nicea students are ICICI, Post Office, School Project, Electric Office, Infosys and IBM.

  14. What benefits can I get after taking franchisee license from Nicea?
    Ans. You can use the strong brand name and most importantly you can only concentrate on the business development in your place, major things like study material, state and national level publicity whenever necessary will be take care by the company. Constant business support will be provided by the company.

  15. What support I can aspect from Nicea?
    Ans. Mainly business supports as you are not enough experienced in business, and study materials, training for the center head etc.

  16. What is the deference between Franchisee and Study center?
    Ans. Franchisee is an authorized study center where you will get all the support and many benefits as explained in proposal form, but study center is where you will be provided with only study materials and certificate where you cannot highlight Nicea brand also.

  17. In Block H, Q can I get permission to start study center?
    Ans. No, as per the company standards only in rural areas we permit study centers. Block H,Q is a place where you can get more business with Nicea.

  18. Are there any non-technical inputs during the course as a support for the job?
    Ans. Yes, we do have soft skills classes aimed at supporting our students with the preparations for job.